Live Casino platform

Live Casino platform

The Live Casino Platform originated as a unique product offered by the Wirex Casino games, and has nowadays become autonomous and independent. The games offered are Roulette, Puntobanco and Blackjack (in the version “strategy” and soon in the version “non-strategy” with dedicated studio gaming tables).

With a complex computer and video camera system along with the use of casino equipment that is certified and expressly created to read numbers or cards, the Live platform is installed by Wirex not in sterile studios but in real casinos with real dealers or croupiers at tables used also by real players. The system’s video cameras transmit all of the game’s phases to the player’s computer in streaming, while the optic sensors “read” the numbers/cards drawn and transmit the data to the gaming system, which handles every operation, including risk management.

As for the streaming, the software manages both the part related to video flow, including the connection to the video cameras placed above the various stations within the casino, and the distribution of streaming directly from the web farm or through specialized suppliers (Astream).

The Live Casino platform interfaces with the roulette wheels produced by Cammegh and Abbiati, world leaders in the sector.

These choices increase the player’s sensation of being in a real game environment, offering an experience that is unique and thrilling, more rich and engaging than an electronic game.

In regard to the operators that have now installed Wirex’s solution or similar ones, it may be confirmed that the Live Dealer game outdoes the diffidence of the more skeptical players who often doubt the regularity of the RNG electronics, and moreover of the Live Casinos offered by studios where they believe that the footage may be digitally edited.

Currently, the Wirex Live Casino Platform is installed at dozens of tables of three of the main Casinos of Europe, including the Venice Casino in Italy and the Portomaso Casino in Malta.

The product is extremely flexible and customizable based on operators’ needs. Each company may even define or customize the table’s game parameters for both the amount of the bets and the risk to assume.

This represents a solution that is nowadays essential for almost every online operator, big or small, and is becoming more and more vital to the land-based casinos, which in order to respond to the progress of the iGaming sector must offer their own increasingly fascinating and captivating gaming websites that provide their clients with the possibility of continuing their casino experience at home.

The various solutions obviously have substantial differences in terms of costs and timing, although all of them offer great customization possibilities.

Thanks to the simplicity of integration, based on an API standard, and to the game operator websites, today entertainment businesses and information portals may also offer their clients all of the platform’s games.