The Roulette Live HiLo is integrated as a side game into the traditional Roulette Game.

Instead of the traditional Hilo game with cards, we will use the roulette numbers (the number 0 and 36 are not considered) using the number previously released as a reference.

The game is played by choosing the denomination of the chips to use and betting on HIGH or LOW based on the last number drawn at roulette.

Once the bet is made, the subsequent extraction of roulette will decide the winning number and consequently if it is lower or higher than the last number, depending on what you have chosen, you will have a win or a loss.

For every win, you can choose to immediately take the money or to try climbing to final victory replaying the money until the end of the game, that is the collection of all winnings accumulate in what we call a “JACKPOT”!