Casino platform

Casino platform

The platform created by Wirex for the proposal dedicated to Casino games is one of the youngest applications offered. In accordance with the Wirex style and philosophy, this module may be perfectly integrated onto the Players Platform or integrated as a third-party product onto other platforms.

Accompanied by a modern back end area that is created entirely in HTML 5, the Casino Platform provides any type of information on any bet in real time, with detailed statistics offering at any moment a precise description of the events in the “virtual” game room, slot machines, RNG games and control panel: the product dedicated to the world of live casino.

As for the games, the offer is in continuous growth, and month by month new slot machines or games are added.

Each game is based on an RNG engine certified by TST, one of the world’s most reliable certification companies, and the payouts of each individual product are declared.

The table games may be customized by inserting the operator’s logotype.

For the slot machines, it is also possible to work with customized slots (in terms of style and graphics), but the current offer exceeds the 50 machines with payouts and different rules.

Each game may be linked to one or more progressive jackpots, which may be linked to the total liquidity of the operators that use such (single pool) or restricted to the liquidity of a single operator.

Regarding the integration of the gaming websites, Wirex provides the operator with the possibility of integrating all of its Casino games into a single Lobby in flash, which offers above all the advantage (the only in the world to offer such possibility) of playing up to 12 games or slot machines contemporaneously. The alternative is to be able to call back each individual game table or slot machine using a simple link that opens such in a pop-up or in an area of the same page.