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Wirex is the leading company of a corporate group that operates in the software development sector as of 2002, when the company was founded.

Over the years Wirex has grown in a linear and stable manner until it reached the current configuration of the main headquarters in Lecce, an office in Lamezia Terme, and a fully owned company in Malta.

In addition to their geographic diversity, the three locations also have different specializations, namely:

    • The Lecce office, led by CEO Luigi Giuri, serves as the legal headquarters and Technology Unit. Such office is dedicated to management and administrative functions, software design and development, and technical support. All technical operations are run by CTO Alessandro Negro.
    • The Lamezia Terme office’s primary role is that of Creative Unit, and is led by CCO Marco Barberio. Moreover, Andrea Morello and Gianfranco Roperto contribute to this office as Chief Business Officer and Administrative Director, respectively.
    • The Malta office, guided by one of the original founders Gerardo Ferlaino, has the crucial role of Business Development Unit. From a strategic point of view, the location in Malta is essential due to the high flow of international iGaming operators.

The company has overtime established a significant presence in the Italian and Maltese markets, is approaching new targets including Greece and Spain, and is beginning to consider the US market (with which Wirex maintains constant technological relations) as well as that of India and Southeast Asia.

Wirex is a youthful organization in constant development with the ambition of becoming a key player in the iGaming sector. The company’s dedication to customers and product innovation contributes to its role as a primary competitor on an international level.